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Lilyfield Quarry
The Lilyfield Quarry is located in the RM of Rosser, Manitoba.  The site is situated between Sturgeon Road & Summit Road.  Entrance off of #68 East off of PR 236.
Truck traffic will be managed onsite to exit the property at the southwest corner, west on Lilyfield road one mile to Highway #236. Lilyfield Quarry will be involved in the upgrading of Lilyfield Road and the Lilyfield / 236 intersection as required. Quarry traffic will not use Sturgeon or Summit Road. Appropriate dust control measures will be implemented. Lilyfield Quarry will strictly enforce traffic safety and routing conditions.
Municipal Board Members:

Lilyfield Quarry's Citizen Advisory Committee:
- Brynn Kaplen             
- Kenton Oatway        
- Diane Blue                
- Jim Campbell            
Development Agreement

Lilyfield Quarry 2021 Blast Schedule
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Lilyfield Quarry Appeal - Submission Brief of the RM of Rosser
 Lilyfield Quarry Appeal - Documents to Brief of the RM of Rosser
 Hugh Munro Construction - Submissions of the Appellant
 Hugh Munro Construction Ltd - The Position of the Appellant

All written comments, recommendations, suggestions, and/or concerns that arise from a review of the application can be forwarded to Lauren Lange, Planner, WSP Canada Group Limited, at, as WSP will be collecting all input from interested persons on behalf of HMCL.



As per By-law 8-15, after the Community Consultation Meeting, any interested person may file an objection to the Application in writing (including email) to the Quarry Operator and the Municipality within 30 days.  Therefore, any objections to this application are due by the end of the day (4:30 p.m) on Thursday November 29, 2018.

If objections are received, the Quarry Operator is required to consult with those objectors in an attempt to resolve the objections.

Please note, any comments, recommendations, suggestions and/or concerns sent the the Quarry Operator prior to the Community Consultation Meeting are not considered objections after the Community Consultation Meeting.  If a person who submitted concerns before the Community Consultation Meeting is still not satisfied and wishes to object, then they must resubmit as stated above.