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Message from the Reeve Regarding COVID-19 - March 18, 2020

Posted: March 18, 2020

Hello everyone:

I just wanted to reach out to our community to let you know that Rosser Council and staff are continuing to work with all levels of government, social services and community resources to make sure we are well-positioned to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak.

PLEASE take social-distancing recommendations seriously. Now is the time we can make a real difference in lessening the coming impact to our community. Don’t wait until the virus is on our doorstep.

The supply chain in Canada has not been disrupted so hoarding is not necessary and, in fact, strongly discouraged.

Cartier Water Co-op reports they have topped up all chemicals required to continue services. As well, their suppliers have confirmed that they do not predict shortages.

Because of early attention to the COVID-19 situation, the RM has all supplies required by office staff, Public Works and our Fire Department in stock.

We suggest that people fill prescriptions for a 3-month period. Pharmacies are able to do this but do not look to get a year’s supply of any medication.

Reports confirm Canadian blood supplies are starting to be negatively affected because of social distancing protocols. If you are in a position to give blood, contact Canadian Blood Services to set up an appointment. or 1-888-236-6283.

Remember to stay in touch with neighbors who might need groceries picked up, other assistance or may just want to chat. There will be some people in our community feeling particularly isolated and vulnerable at this time. A phone call and a friendly voice might make all the difference.

Council has asked me to tell you that all council members are available to take calls and answer any questions you may have. As we have mentioned before, the Province is taking the lead on dealing with the outbreak and they have all updated information on their website.

And, the simplest thing we can all do to safeguard our health is wash our hands!

Take care and be well,

Frances Smee

Reeve, RM of Rosser