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The Lilyfield Quarry is associated with the Munro Group of Companies and is located in the RM of Rosser, Manitoba.  The site is situated between Sturgeon Road & Summit Road.  Entrance off of #68 East off of PR 236.

Truck traffic will be managed onsite to exit the property at the southwest corner, west on Lilyfield road one mile to Highway #236. Lilyfield Quarry will be involved in the upgrading of Lilyfield Road and the Lilyfield / 236 intersection as required. Quarry traffic will not use Sturgeon or Summit Road. Appropriate dust control measures will be implemented. Lilyfield Quarry will strictly enforce traffic safety and routing conditions.

                                                         Message from the Lilyfield Quarry Citizen's Advisory Committee
                                                                              -November 2021

I would like to introduce myself, and the rest of the Lilyfield Quarry Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC).  I am Brynn Kaplen, and my fellow citizen representatives are Diane Blue and Kent Oatway.  The committee is rounded out by the Chair, Jim Campbell and Freddy Hernandez, from Lilyfield Quarry Incorporated (LQI).  

We are sending this initial message to ask the community who would like to continue to hear from us about our work.  If you would like to be a part of our email group, please email us at to be enrolled.  We plan to send quarterly updates, so we will not be flooding your inbox.  

If you have questions or concerns for LQI, or the RM of Rosser, please email them to the RM of Rosser ( and Lilyfield Quarry (  Please include our committee email as well so we are aware (  Please note: the CAC is willing to take information from residents who wish to make submissions privately.

Below, you will find a brief update on what the committee has accomplished so far.

To date, we have held 5 committee meetings, and one special meeting where we discussed the potential changes to the blast schedule.  Most of the issues that have been brought to our CAC meetings have revolved around noise. The following actions were taken in response to those concerns:

  • LQI has built a large overburden hill on the northeast corner of the property to help dampen the noise.
  • A track dozer was being used in the construction of that hill. That piece of equipment was determined to be quite loud, so the operators switched over to a quieter wheel loader.
  • When sales permit, aggregate stockpiles have been positioned to help as a noise buffer.
  • Heavy rubber mats have been installed inside and on the outside of the crusher. These mats are designed to dampen some of the noise from the crushing operation.
  • Loader operators have been instructed to load the crusher from very close to the mouth rather than dropping the material from a larger distance.

The crushing operation will likely be relocated down into the bottom of the pit this fall. That relocation should  also help to deflect or dampen the noise.

In response to concerns about the traffic and dust on road 69N, LQI closed and barricaded their entrance off of road 69. Now all employees and service vehicles must use the south gate, on road 68N.  Road 68N has had signage installed to inform truck drivers leaving the site that no left turns are permitted, and stop signs have been added at the gate to remind truck drivers to stop before entering the roadway.

In response to concerns from the community regarding gravel truck drivers not obeying Lilyfield Quarry rules, an investigation determined that, two truck drivers were found to be disobeying the designated truck routes. Those drivers are no longer allowed to haul from the Lilyfield Quarry site.

Lilyfield Quarry's Citizen Advisory Committee:

- Brynn Kaplen            
- Kenton Oatway
- Diane Blue          

Development Agreement

** Please Note that the Blast Scheduled for February 22, 2022 will be rescheduled to February 24, 2022. *

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