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The Rural Municipality of Rosser passed Resolution # 21 375 on July 30, 2021, declaring a State of Agricultural Disaster.

On August 10, 2021, the Manitoba government committed to investing $62 million in programs under the AgriRecovery framework designed to support livestock producers affected by this years drought conditions, to ensure producers have options to retain and care for their animals while also supporting the longer-term sustainability of the livestock sector.  Programs are currently being developed and will include funding for feed assistance, feed transportation, cattle marketing and transportation, and a herd rebuilding program.

Manitoba continues to take a multi-prong approach to help producers manage challenges including:

· Resources for producers including the Manitoba Hay Listing, managing pastures during dry conditions, alternative feeds for beef cattle, testing feed and balancing rations, early weaning of calves, the economics of creep feeding beef calves on pasture, and ammoniating low quality roughages. Additional details regarding these resources can be found at

· Manitoba announced that livestock producers are temporarily allowed under permit to cut hay on Crown Land that is not normally designated for agriculture use. The Agricultural Crown Lands (ACL) Leasing Program administers the use of available land and provides necessary permits. Unallocated ACL is also available. For more information, contact the ACL Leasing Program at 1-204-867-6550 or an ACL representative.

· The Manitoba government announced a water source development funding (well drilling and dugout renovation) intake under BMP 503: Managing Livestock Access to Riparian Areas. Program details are available

· Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) provides Forage Insurance to help manage hay and pasture production and establishment against potential losses. The Hay Disaster Benefit provides an additional $44 per tonne of coverage when there is a significant provincial hay shortfall at no cost to producers who participate in forage insurance. The Agri-Insurance program provides flexibility for producers to designate their crop to alternate use during the growing season such as using it to produce livestock feed. MASC has communicated to all Agri-Insurance participants the information regarding these options. Producers can check their coverage and learn more at or by calling an ARD and MASC Service Centre.

· Canada and Manitoba governments collaborate to provide AgriStability, a voluntary program for producers offering support following large income losses and is based on a producer’s margins. Beef producers have benefited from the removal of the Reference Margin Limit. For more information, visit

· The Western Livestock Price Insurance Program is designed to protect cattle farmers against unexpected price declines. Cattle producers are encouraged to use this tool as part of their risk management approach. More information is available at

 If livestock producers have any questions or require further information about any of these programs or services, please contact your local ARD and MASC Service Centre or call toll-free 1-844-769-6224. They can also visit their website to access resources to manage dry conditions at