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The R.M. of Rosser is a long municipality extending from the City of Winnipeg to Marquette with the RCMP patrolling this area.  The Stonewall detachment patrols the area north of the Main CPR line and the Headingley detachment patrols the area south of the Main CPR line.  On January 25, 1988, a meeting was held at the Grosse Isle Hall by the Rosser Council.  Charlie Stewart, Dawne Grenkow and Corporal McDonald of the RCMP were present to discuss a Rural Crime Watch Program for the R.M. of Rosser. 

On February 9, 1988, the Women’s Institute in the area had meetings to explain how to form a crime watch unit.  Zones were formed within the Municipality and Volunteer Captains took over a zone and Crime Watch signs were posted.  Rural Crime Watch has increased people’s awareness of their community by encouraging them to note suspicious people and vehicles around their property, as well as their neighbor’s property.  In 2006, Henry Holtman was asked to help organize the Headingley area.  Now there are zones and captains in these areas.

Thanks for helping to make the R.M. of Rosser a safer place to live and being a Rural Crime Watch Captain.

Thanks to Constable Allan Pasquini of Headingley detachment, retired, for his help in the Crime Watch Program.

The Crime Watch Zones are from A to L north of the Main CPR line, M to S south of the Main CPR line.

If you would like to know your zone and Captain you can call Rosser Rural Crime Watch Coordinator Bruce Galbraith at (204) 981-0656.

RCMP #’s

Stonewall  (204) 467-5015 ext: 0

Headingley  (204) 888-0358

And 911 for any emergencies

RCMP Online Crime Reporting - click on title to view notice

Headingley RCMP Crime Prevention Brochure - click on title to view document