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Tax Levy 2019 - 3-19

Regulate the Conduct and Proceedings of Council and Committees By-law 2-19

Water & Sewer CentrePort Debenture - 1-20

Tax Levy - 2-20

CentrePort Waste and Wastewater - 3-20

Enforcement - 4-20

Code of Conduct for Council - 5-20

Maximum Speed Limits - 6-20

Zoning By-law 4-21 

Fire Prevention - 5-21

CentrePort Water & Wastewater Rates - 7-21

Indemnities, Rate of Compensation and Expenses for Council and Standing Committees of Council - 2-22

Use of Municipal Resource in an Election - 3-22

CentrePort North Wastewater Reserve - 4-22

Tax Levy - By-law 5-22 

Use of Parks - 6-22

Rosser CentrePort Water and Wastewater Rates - 7-22

Regulate Capital Lot Levies - 8-22

Mining and Transporting of Aggregate - 9-22

Regulate Maintenance of Property and Abatement of Nuisances and Unsightly Property - 10-22

To Establish Controls Over Placing or Depositing or Dumping Litter - 11-22

Regulate Proceedings and Conduct of Council - 12-22

To Provide for Administrative and Procedural Requirements for the Application and Enforcement of New Buildings, Occupancy, Change of Existing Buildings and Requirements for Unsafe Buildings - 2-23

To Repeal By-law No. 10-10  -  5-23

To Open a Municipal Road and to Rename Certain Roads with the Municipality   6-23

Being a By-law to Establish the Position of Designated Officer for Planning for the Rural Municipality of Rosser for the Inland Port Special Planning Area  7-23

Being a By-law to Repeal By-law No. 10-09      8-23

To Establish a Reserve Fund for the Installation of Wastewater Infrastructure in the North CentrePort Lands     9-23

To Establish a Reserve Fund for the Installation of Wastewater Forcemain in the CentrePort Lands      10-23

Being a By-law to Provide for an Administrative Penalty Scheme for By-laws to be Enforced within the By-law Enforcement Act of Manitoba     11-23

To Regulate the Parking, Stopping or Standing and Special Use of Vehicles on Certain Municipal Roads in the RM of Rosser   12-23

To Establish Rates, Fees and Charges for Various Services Provided by the Municipality    13-23

To Regulate the Construction and Maintenance of Encroachments   1-24

Grosse Isle Water and Wastewater Rates By-law 5-24

CentrePort Water and Wastewater Rates By-law 6-24