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Established in 2010, the Rosser Woodlands Recreation Commission (RWRC) was designed to promote and address recreational activity in the Rural Municipalities of Rosser and Woodlands.

Through collaboration with the respective RMs, the Interlake School Division and the West Interlake Trading Company, the RWRC seeks to support and develop existing recreation and community clubs in the area, while constantly monitoring and evaluating the need for innovative and entertaining recreational programming.

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What we do: 

Striving to Provide Leadership and Initiative. When areas of due need are identified, we strive to provide leadership and initiative to help establish a functional and sustainable solution. We hope to foster community growth and companionship in the Rural Municipalities of Rosser and Woodlands, through the development and support of community groups and projects, the encouragement of volunteer involvement and leadership, and by providing ample opportunity for recreational activity.

Who we are: 

The RWRC consists of 11 members, 2 Councillors from each of Rosser and Woodlands, 1 Representative from each of the Interlake School Division and the West Interlake Trading Company, 1 Recreation & Special Events Coordinator, and 3 Community Representatives. Currently those representatives are as follows:

  • RM of Rosser: Frances Smee ; Ken Mulligan 
  • RM of Woodlands: Carl Fleury (RWRC Chair); Don Walsh
  • West Interlake Trading Company: Charlie Amy
  • Community Futures: Lana Cowling Mason (RWRC Treasurer)
  • Interlake School Division: Cindy Brad
  • Recreation Director: Riley Morningstar
  • Community Representatives: Jessica Beachell and Ila Buchanan

We are currently looking for another Community Representatives to join the commission! 

Call 204-461-4040 for more information. 

Visit us at for programs and events happening in your community!